Concrete Resurfacing, spray paving is the process of restoration, beautification or preservation of an existing concrete surface. This safe & affordable method of concrete resurfacing completely transforms any boring, old or tired concrete surface into a decorative amazingly attractive finish which significantly reduces any slip hazard.

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A Cost Effective Solution to an Old Pebblecrete Surface

Just because you have an old, outdated, stained pebblecretesurface doesn’t mean that you’re either stuck with it or you have to rip it out and replace it with a new slab…NO! Our decorative concrete resurfacing system can be applied to pebblecrete. In fact it adheres to pebblecrete better than some concrete surfaces. We can transform your old pebblecrete pavement into something spectacular!

Are You Over your Old & Boring Stenciled or Stamped Concrete Surface?

Without replacing the whole slab, our decorative concrete resurfacing system can also be applied to existing stenciled and stamped concrete. You can have completely new designs and colors without ever knowing there was an old design there. Our advanced procedure completely covers the old pavement. If your existing pavement consists of a layer of sealer then no problem, we are fully equip for every job scenario and we will grind off the existing sealer dust free to ensure our compound adheres directly to the concrete surface. This is a standard task in our advanced no shortcuts procedure.

Our Decorative Concrete Resurfacing System can be applied to many surfaces such as:

Plain concrete, stenciled concrete, stained concrete, pebblecrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, tiles pavers and more.

And is recommended for application for existing:

Driveways, patios, entertainment areas, pool surrounds – ideal for around pools; anti-slip coating, pathways, garage floors – we have a special finish for garage floors, roadways, internal flooring and more…

The Concrete Resurfacing Procedure:

Please note this is only a general outline and there other tasks unlisted here

  • Grind entire surface to remove (if any) sealer, paint, previous spray pave, soft chalky surface or any existing product from the surface
  • Chase any existing cracks in the concrete in preparation for filling
  • High pressure wash with acid to etch surface making it more porous
  • Fill in cracks with the latest technology repairing agent
  • Apply a coat of primer, this acts as a critical bonding agent as well as keeping moisture from penetratinginto the concrete
  • Apply base coat using our concrete resurfacing system (depending on surface, more base coats may be applied i.e stenciled concrete, pebblecreteetc may need up to 4 base coats at times to cover the existing finish) The base coat also covers any defects in the surface such as holes and marks. It is also the color of the grout lines when spraying a stencil pattern and this can be any color you desire
  • To prevent any over-spray, the area surrounding the work site will be masked up
  • A standard or custom designed stencil pattern will be laid
  • First coat is sprayed
  • Second coat is sprayed with a special technique achieving an amazing textured finish
  • All masking paper removed
  • Two coats of resurfacing sealer will be applied and this will protect the surface for years to come and will give it an amazing look